Bespoke flavours, small batch, all hand-made, this is the DNA of our craft


Our Founder and Chief Distiller, Matt, began this journey as a young engineer with the South African Breweries, in Cape Town in 2002.  Working on engineering projects and maintenance was great and helped him understand how (and how not to) design and run brewing equipment, but a real perk was learning to profile flavours each week.  As with all things though, too much of a good thing can be bad – so it wasn’t long before his after-hours quest became the art of creating repeatable, finely balanced spirits, with depth and subtlety of flavour.

The Hop in Hopscotch wasn’t so much a Hop as it was a marathon! Hopscotch was born in a shed as so many good things are, from an idea to produce both beer and spirits using the same carefully designed equipment to allow this capability.  The first Still was cobbled together with plumbing parts and a range of recipes began. It was when friends began asking to order the Gin and smoked ironwood brandy that Matt realised he needed to follow through.

Matt funded his passion by consulting on other craft distillery and brewery designs in Australia and worked with manufacturers in the USA, South Africa, China and of course Australia to perfect his own design for the craft distillery.

Our Process

Try , Try and Try again. If you are not failing at something you probably aren’t pushing the boundaries hard enough. All in all, the years taken to get to this point, and the long road of bumps and challenges, I hope, show themselves in the exceptional quality of Gin you taste today.

We undertake in-house fermentations to produce high quality, neutral wash.  Multiple distillation stripping runs follow at different speeds and cuts to remove harsher flavours, and carbon filtration helps ensure a high quality end spirit that shows its own legs!

Our processes involve unique recipes for each product, and offer respect to those that came before.  In fact one of our recipes is based upon the very definition of Gin – an 1875 Encyclopedia Britannica listed recipe!  Some of our gins involve the steeping of botanicals in a boiler pot, some are based only on infusing the botanicals following the London Dry style, and some further use compounding of botanicals or combinations of these.

Cradle to grave distillations are time consuming, but its what makes the craft unique.  All hand crafted, All small batch.

Expanding Our Horizons: From Toowoomba to Brisbane and Beyond

Located in the picturesque Darling Downs of South East Queensland, Hopscotch Distillers has rapidly grown from a small shed operation into one of the most innovative gin distilleries in the Brisbane region and beyond. Our commitment to crafting exceptional spirits is rooted in a deep understanding of the art and science of distillation, which our founder, Matt, has honed over decades.

As a leading gin distillery not just in Toowoomba but also recognised across Brisbane and South East Queensland, Hopscotch Distillers takes pride in offering a range of gins that are as diverse as the landscape of our homeland. Our strategic location allows us to source the finest local botanicals, ensuring that each bottle of Hopscotch Gin captures the essence of our rich, natural surroundings.

Expanding our reach, Hopscotch Distillers is delighted to offer Australia-wide delivery, making our bespoke gin accessible to enthusiasts across the country. Whether you’re in bustling Sydney or the peaceful shores of Tasmania, our delivery services ensure that a taste of Queensland’s finest gin is never out of reach.

Innovation at the Heart of Our Craft

At Hopscotch Distillers, innovation is key. We continuously experiment with new flavors and distillation techniques to create unique, high-quality spirits. Our gin distillery stands out not only for its artisanal approach but also for embracing modernity, blending old traditions with new possibilities. This has established us as a cornerstone among gin distilleries in the Brisbane area and has sparked interest among gin lovers nationwide.

Our gins, celebrated for their complexity and subtlety, are a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation. By maintaining control over every step of the production process, from fermentation to bottling, Hopscotch ensures that every sip delivers a story of its origins and craftsmanship.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of Queensland with every glass of Hopscotch Gin. As we continue to grow and serve both our local community in the Brisbane region and gin aficionados across Australia, we remain committed to excellence and the joy of shared experiences. Discover why Hopscotch Distillers is a beacon among gin distilleries, not only in Brisbane and South East Queensland but across the entire country.