Ginius® – It sure is.  Our signature Gin, and perhaps the Gin we are most known for in these parts. 


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The Phat Chameleon

The Phat Chameleon is a delicious Gin.  Flavours delicate enough for sipping by even the most educated of palettes, but with a little bit of a fun side too.  A rather emotional spirit, really.  You see, with our unique blend of select botanicals, we have convinced our creation to change colour with your mood (or perhaps just the addition of your choice of tonic).  You might even say she is the Jekyll and Hyde of the range.  A Gin then, for all occasions?  With summer notes of the Australian Pomegranate, 5 more distinguishing botanicals all grown locally to Australia, this Gin certainly is unique. Personally I prefer the Phat Chameleon over ice, add your measure of creative tonic.   Nothing more, let the story begin!


The Lamington

Despite some dubious claims from our New Zealand brothers and sisters, the Lamington is as Australian as meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars.  Could there be anything more quintessentially Australian than a Lamington on the 26th January? – Well, now that you ask, filming your mate scoffing said Lamington, whilst sharing the inside of said Holden with said Kangaroo… and waving the flag  – might just do it!  Too much?  Who ARE you…?

On the other hand, why not celebrate Lord Lamington, our collective immigrant history and this national treasure in a little more sedate fashion with a coconut and raspberry infused salute to Australia’s history and help us plan for a better tomorrow.  Let the story begin!