Our focus at Hopscotch is you. At hopscotch we believe in relationships and our ethos of quality small batch, bespoke products is part of our DNA. We don’t just want you to buy our Gin  – we want to you to experience them as part of great shared memories

We would love to hear your stories of where you first tried our Gin, what you were doing! For example, were you saluting the sunset in the Outback, or sitting on a long boat in the Okavango Delta – or perhaps you were summiting some small hillock of special meaning.  If it made a moment special for you – if it helped create a lasting memory – we would love to hear about it.

Our process is a simple one – but the devil is always in the detail.  Unlike many craft distillers that actually import 100% of their grain neutral spirit, we doundertake our own fermentations, producing our own alcohol froma base ‘wash’, and perform our own distillations.  In fact we try and use an 1875 encyclopaedia defined and published recipe for the alcohol in Gin as our base instead, of just solely importing ready to use alcohol. If a craft gin hasnt also distilled their own spirit – technically they would call themselves rectifiers, not distillers. 

We run multiple successive distillations for purity and a combination of vapour infusion (the key to a London Dry style of Gin) and botanical steeping (used typicaly in compound Gin’s).

First,  we add our secret recipe of botanicals’ to the cherished still so as to carry across all important flavours and mouth feel.  We carefully control the condensing temperatures suited for our recipe’s contact time – and then, its time to carefully steep with selected botanical’s to add the far subtler flavours, aroma, and even colour impact – that may otherwise be lost if added in through vapour infusion. 

Cradle to grave distillations with this process are time consuming.  VERY time consuming.  But – its what makes our craft unique!  But therein lies the passion. All hand crafted, all small batch.   So yes, there will always be a little variety in our Gin. But this is part of the magic. We also believe that when our craft meets other crafts – like tonic for example – then this is where more magic can happen. 

Its also why, when we met the folks at the Tasmanian Tonic Company, and saw how good their tonic’s were – we decided to partner with them, another Australian craft company. I mean just have a look at how beautiful their packaging is !  They take their craft seriously too!  Respect your Gin, Indeed!