Our focus at Hopscotch is primarily you.  We believe in relationships, and so we are delivering on the ethos of small batch, hand crafted, quality products.  Products that will be a sensation to you, our valued customer.  We don’t just want you to buy our Gin (or for that matter our even smaller batch beers!) – we want to you to experience them, to thoroughly enjoy their flavour palette, and have them as part of great shared memories for you and yours.

We would love to hear your stories of where you first tried our Gins’, what you were doing! For example, were you saluting the sunset in the Outback, or sitting in a long boat in the Okavango Delta – or perhaps you were summiting some small hillock of special meaning.  If it made a moment special for you – if it helped create a lasting memory – then THIS is what drives us. 

Our process is a simple one – but the devil is always in the detail.  We use all-grain fermentations for spirits, and we perform our own distillations.  Our process is a combination of steeping and vapour infusion, with a secret recipe of vapour infused botanical added to the cherished still so as to carry across subtler aroma’s and flavours.  Next, its time to steep carefully selected botanical’s identified for impact and mouth feel.  Cradle to grave distillations with this process are time consuming.  But – its what makes our craft unique!

One of the flip sides of our process geometry is that we have designed flexibility into our equipment, allowing us to dabble in small batch craft beers, and a few other spirits too.  All hand crafted, all small batch.   When you visit us – you may find yourself actually surprised to be trying some of our other finer products – and we hope you look forward to this.