Ginius® – It sure is.  Our signature Gin, and perhaps the Gin we are most known for in these parts, and why?  Because it holds an important secret…

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Named for the exclamation when we first stumbled upon this successful recipe!  Careful the Genie you let loose opening this bottle!  You see, Ginius! is a Sipping Gin - with a big difference.  We were tired of being told, "Gin is a harsh spirit!", or, "Gin cant be drunk neat!".... so we set out to produce the smoothest Gin in these fair parts...and succeeded!  Here we pair lowland sweetness of Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis), with smooth oils of Rosemary nibs - and add these to our secret stable of botanicals. Voila, quite possibly the only Gin in Australia to be drunk neat as a whisky!

Meaning “red bush”, it is a member of the Fabaceae genus of plants growing amongst South Africa’s exotic fynbos family. It provides a refreshing twist, makes for easy drinking and with our added infusion steeping of Rosemary – produces a Gin that even whisky drinkers love for the experience of something different!  Studies may even have shown this one to assist in improving memory, but we aren’t sure – we can’t really remember.

And so whats the secret ?  Well - you see Gin is pH neutral... drink a Whisky, or Rum or Brandy neat, and you are drinking an acid.  Add a mixer to the aforementioned and, well nothing miraculous happens... but add a dash of acid mixer to our Ginius! and, well - lets just say you have Jekyll and Hyde on your hands! Now go, bring out the Einstein in you!  Let your story begin!

This beautifully presented 700 cl bottle of Ginius!®, is gathered from our universe and bound in some of the world's purest glass, wrapped in astonishingly good looking labels, and closed for your drinking pleasure with cork - yes its even corked, can you believe it ? And all this hand made, hand filled, hand labelled, hand corked goodness is sealed under the watchful eye of you know who!

Volume - 700ml

ABV - 43%

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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