“Bespoke flavours, small batch, all hand-made, this is the DNA of our craft”


Gin Distillery West of Brisbane Near Toowoomba with an Online Shop and Delivery Australia-wide

We are small batch Gin distillers based on the Darling Downs of South East Queensland.


We have an ethos of quality, and a local focus.

We hope our products are not simply consumed, but savoured and experienced for great memories.

Should you be interested in purchasing some more of our handcrafted goodness please don’t hesitate to purchase them online or drop us a line on the email below and we will organise your order for you directly. If you have a local retailer you would like to see us stocked at, contact Chief Ginner, Matt, who will do everything in his power to get Hopscotch Gin to you!

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Discover the Enchantment of Hopscotch Distillers – A Gem Among the Gin Distilleries of the Brisbane Region

Our distillery is a beacon for gin enthusiasts who crave something beyond the ordinary.

Why settle for the usual when you can experience the remarkable? Our gin distillery, located west of Brisbane, is pivotal for those on the quest for a gin distillery traditional values and unique creations. At Hopscotch, we take pride in crafting not just gin, but a journey for the senses. Our colour-changing and flavour-changing gin ranges have set a new benchmark for innovation and creativity in the Queensland gin distilleries scene and beyond – and thats just the GIN.

Take our Phat Chameleon for instance – the allure of purple gin, it offers a visual and taste experience unmatched by any other gin from Australia. Among Brisbane’s regional distilleries, we are different, – we are dedicated to ensuring that our handcrafted goodness reaches every corner of Australia. Whether you’re in search of the perfect gin to savour and share, or you are the curious type and want to buy our groundbreaking pink or purple colour changing gin, or the smoothest sipping gin on planet Earth – we’re here to fulfill your quest!

Our online gin shop stands ready to deliver these bespoke flavors directly to your doorstep, anywhere in Australia. So what are you waiting for? You have just found the next addition to your Gin collection from Australia! We are a local, family owned distillery, using Australian sourced botanicals and source at least 90% of our inputs right here in Australia – supporting other families! 

In your search for “gin distillery near me”, let Hopscotch Distillers be your destination. Here, we’re not just about creating gin; we’re about crafting experiences that linger in your memory long after the last sip. Join us in this voyage of discovery and taste, where each bottle tells a story of passion, quality, and a dash of magic!

Welcome to Hopscotch Distillers – Where every drop is a masterpiece, awaiting its canvas.